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Image by Michael Oxendine
Referral Programs
Image by Daria Shatova

We're excited to introduce AnimalCity Referral Pawgrams, designed not only to express our gratitude but to amplify the impact of our shared passion for pets. Our mission to re-home pets whose people have passed away or become incapacitated is strengthened when we unite and expand our circle.

Patron  Referral Pawgram

We're thrilled to unleash a new chapter in our mission to provide unwavering care for our furry friends. As devoted pet parents who have entrusted us with the well-being of your beloved companions, you are the heart and soul of AnimalCity's community. You can play a pivotal role in not only helping AnimalCity grow, but ensuring that pets everywhere are protected incase something happens to their person. 

🐶 Spread the Love: As you've experienced firsthand, AnimalCity is more than a service – it's a family that cares deeply about every wagging tail and gentle purr. By referring fellow pet parents to join our community, you're helping us build an even stronger network of devoted animal lovers.

🎉 Rewards that Delight: To express our appreciation for your advocacy, we're introducing exciting incentives for each successful referral you make:

  • 1st Referral: Receive a $25 gift card to one of our trusted Pet Partners of your choice. It's a token of gratitude for being a beacon of support.

  • 2nd Referral: Enjoy a $50 gift card to a Pet Partner or relish in 6 months of waived membership. Your commitment deserves to be celebrated in style!

  • 3rd Referral: Reap the rewards of a fully paid Annual Membership. Your dedication to AnimalCity's cause echoes far and wide.

🏡 Empowering Forever Care: Remember, every new Patron you introduce means another precious pet is safeguarded by our Forever Care Plans. Together, we're creating a legacy of love and security for pets, ensuring they find safe havens should the unforeseen occur.

Referral Brigade

Our Referral Brigade is a call to action for our volunteers, foster parents, Pet Partners, and cherished supporters who stand with us in our mission to provide unwavering care for our four-legged companions. Whether you have pets of your own or simply hold the well-being of animals close to your heart, you play a vital role in our compassionate community. Let your compassion can shine by helping us grow!

🐾 Unite with Us: Your unwavering support has touched lives and warmed hearts. Now, we invite you to extend this warmth to pet parents who might not yet have discovered the comfort AnimalCity brings. Spread the word and be a guiding light for those seeking peace of mind and protection for their furry friends.

🎁 Rewards to Treasure: As a heartfelt thank you for your commitment, the AnimalCity Referral Brigade is introducing delightful incentives for every successful referral:

  • 1 Referral: Enjoy a remarkable 50% discount on the setup fee, ensuring peace of mind is accessible to more pet parents. Alternatively, choose from a selection of exclusive AnimalCity merchandise to proudly display your support.

  • 2 Referrals: Elevate your impact further with the option to have your setup fee entirely waived. Or, delight in a $25 gift card to one of our esteemed Pet Partners, forging stronger bonds within our community.

  • 3 Referrals: Embrace the pinnacle of compassion with a one-year membership to our Forever Care Plan. Alternatively, seize the opportunity to indulge in a $50 gift card to a trusted partner.

🏡 Building Peace of Mind: By referring pet parents to AnimalCity, you're not just promoting a service – you're offering solace in the face of uncertainty. Our detailed, affordable action plans set us apart, making sure pets find loving homes even in the most challenging times. 

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