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Non Patron Assistance

AnimalCity is dedicated to helping pets whose people have passed away or have become incapacitated. We do this by helping our patrons make a detailed and unique plan for each pet. And then we take action on that plan if an emergency occurs. 

But what happens when you don't have a plan and you need assistance? Even though we have limited resources to help non patrons, we do want to help! 

The first things you'll need before contacting us (or any rescue) are the medical records for each pet. This will help us understand a little bit about the pet and the expenses and effort that will be needed to re-home the pet. Here is a list of additional questions we'll ask:

  1. Where are the pets currently?

  2. How long can they stay where they are?

  3. Are they up to date on their vaccinations?

  4. Are you the legal guardian of the pets?

  5. What friends or family are in the area?

  6. Have you contacted any rescues about the pet?

  7. Are you able to financially sponsor (food, supplies, medical costs) the pet until adoption?

As we have limited resources, we encourage you to contact a dedicated rescue to help with re-homing your pet. CMPD Animal Care & Control has a wonderful page for their animal rescue partners where you can find general and breed specific rescues that help re-home pets. Click here for that page. 

If you have been unable to find an available rescue, please contact us before taking the pet to animal control.

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