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Forever Care

We know you love your pets.

How could you not? With their sweet faces, silly antics and the unconditional love they give you, it's so easy to love them. And just like you would make sure your human kids are safeguarded in case something happens to you, now is the time to make sure your furred (or feathered or scaled) kids are protected. 

Protect your pets today by becoming a Patron of AnimalCity!

Become an AnimalCity Patron

Becoming an AnimalCity Patron is easy as the snap of a crunchy dog cookie. After filling out the patron form and pet forms, we'll create a unique Forever Care Plan for each of your pets. The plan will detail personality traits, favorite treats and any health issues. It also includes godparents, emergency contacts and backup details - we're always the final backup to ensure your pets are able to have a loving home. We'll review the plans with you and make any adjustments. Once you sign off, you're all set!


As an AnimalCity Patron you'll be assured that your pet will be cared for their entire lives. In an emergency we'll be there to provide compassionate care for your pet until we can enact the Forever Care Plan you created. Become a Patron today - for your pets!

There is a one time $50 setup fee which includes 1 pet. Additional pets are $10.

*We define pets as dogs, cats, reptiles, birds or other small animals. While we do wish to care for farm animals such as horses, the Patron levels will be different than those shown below. Contact us to find out more about creating Forever Care Plans for such animals. 





  • Forever Care Plan (1 pet)

  • WoofHelp App

  • Transportation within NC

  • Emergency ID/Key cards

  • Emergency window clings

  • Annual Review


$5/month or $60/year

  • Friend Level +

  • Forever Care Plans for up to 2 pets

  • Transportation within continental US

  • Pet Partner Discounts

$15/month or $180/year

Additional pets:

$5/month or $60/year each

  • Supporter Level +

  • Forever Care Plans for up to 5 pets

  • Incapacity Plan

  • 2 T-Shirts







$25/month or $300/year

  • Sponsor Level +

  • Pet grave marker

  • Chaperoned funeral attendance by pets

  • Social media feature (pet/patron)

Monthly or annual donation in any amount plus Benefactors will donate a substantial one time bequeathment amount that will fulfill Forever Care Plans for each pet. 

Annual contributions allow us to help more pets.

If you would like to become a Patron or would like more information, give us a call at 704.940.6210 or send an email to

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