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Fostering a Pet
What is fostering?

For pets who come to AnimalCity, fostering is nothing less than a lifesaver. Foster parents are angels who provide physical and emotional care for pets who have just lost their people and their home.


Fostering is a temporary and rewarding way to help these pets. You'll help them by providing a loving and caring interim home until their new family is ready to welcome them. 

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Should I Foster?
Questions to ask before fostering.

Fostering is a great way to give back and help a pet. If you are thinking about fostering, consider these questions before jumping in.


Are you prepared for the time investment of fostering?

No matter what type of pet you are interested in fostering there will be a time commitment of at least several hours each day. This will entail feeding, exercising, cleaning up after them and providing a little TLC.


Can you separate your foster animals from your own?

While we make every effort to assure that only healthy pets are placed into foster care, some do become ill. We do not want any diseases to be transmitted to your personal pets so isolation of foster pets for the first few weeks is important.  This also will allow time for your pets to acclimate to the presence of your foster pets.


Are you able to monitor the health of the foster pets?

When we entrust you with the care of our pets we will be relying on you to watch them for signs of illness or injury.  You will have to learn what is normal for your foster pets to be able to recognize what is abnormal and report that to us as early as possible so that we can treat the pets accordingly.


Can you get to us quickly in an emergency?

If an animal in your care needs medical attention you must be able to transport the animal to the shelter or a designated veterinarian.


Can you tell your friends that they must go through normal adoption procedures?

While we hope that you will network with your friends and family to find your foster pets a home (if needed) they must complete the adoption process through AnimalCity - these pets cannot be adopted out from your house.


Are you emotionally prepared to return the animal after the foster period is over?

Some pets in our care have god parents, and need fostering until arrangements can be made to get them to their new home. Many foster parents become attached to them and have difficulty letting go once it is time to return the pets for adoption or transport to their god parents. You will have lavished love and attention on the pets in your care and then, one day, they are no longer around. However, you can take comfort in knowing that they have the chance to find a loving home because of the work you did.

I'm chill with all that and I want to foster!

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