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Image by Jaroslaw Slodkiewicz rehome pets whose people have passed away or become incapacitated.

Our Mission...
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We are a group of diverse people that share a deep commitment to pet welfare. We came together to build an organization that will leap into action to protect and advocate for your pet in the tragic event of your passing. Instead of the uncertainty of who will care for your pet, or even the possibility of your pet going to the local Animal Control Shelter, we will work with you to help determine the best course of action - including: transporting to a pet-godparent in another state, adoption re-homing, or providing a forever home at our facility for your pet (once we build it!). 

We chose to create AnimalCity as a non-profit organization to truly help pets in their most dire need.

Who We Are

After an unsettling car accident in 2019, our founder Leah Henrichsen realized that her furred & feathered & scaled kids would suffer greatly if she and her husband didn't come home. 

Leah knew she had to make a plan for her pets, but after some research found there were not a lot of options. With most of her family on the west coast, and no organizations dedicated to helping orphaned pets, she knew she had to take action. 

In 2021 AnimalCity was formed as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to helping pets whose people have passed away or who have become incapacitated. 

With a growing Board of Directors, Foster Network and Pet Partner programs, AnimalCity is working to help pet parents make a plan for their pets.

Just in case.

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