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  • What is a Forever Care Plan?
    A Forever Care Plan is a detailed document that we create for each of your pets in the event of your passing. This plan includes godparent information, diet, likes & dislikes, medical needs and more. It is essentially a road map to help your pet's new family understand them and care for them properly.
  • What is the Membership Agreement?
    The Member Agreement is a document that creates the contract between you and AnimalCity Inc. This contract, when fully executed, will allow AnimalCity Inc. to obtain custody of your pet should something happen to you. The agreement includes the payment information as well as the Forever Care Plans for each of your pets.
  • My kids/parents/cousins/friends will take my pet, why should my pet have a Forever Care Plan?
    If you already have a godparent in mind that's fantastic! Here are some reasons you should still have a forever care plan: Your godparent will likely be grieving and may not be immediately available to care for your pet. The godparent may not know they are "The Godparent" and may not be able to take the pet. Your godparent may live far away and your pet needs care and transportation to get them to their new home. Your godparent's situation may have changed (moved to an apartment, had child, etc) and they are no longer able to care for your pet. There are many reasons why a godparent might fall through. A Forever Care Plan gives your pet a safety net in case they do.
  • I'm in good health, why should I create a Forever Care Plan for my pets?
    We get it - creating a Forever Care Plan for your pet seems like a lot of work and while it's inexpensive, it isn't free. And if you're in good health you will most likely outlive your pet. The key words there are "most likely". Most likely you won't pass away in a fire today, but 10 people will. Most likely you won't get into a fatal car accident today, but over 100 people will. Most likely you won't have a heart attack today, but 2,353 people will. It's the unknown, unexpected fatalities that leave 5 - 7 million pets in animal control facilities every year. Having a plan will ensure your pet never has to experience that trauma or worse be euthanized because the shelter is full.
  • How much does Membership / Forever Care Plan cost?
    Depending on the number of pets and your needs, a Membership with a Forever Care Plan can cost as little as $5 per month. There is a one time $50 set up fee for 1 pet (additional pets are $10 ea). Check out our Services page for more details.
  • What if my pet needs the Forever Care Plan shortly after enrollment?
    That's ok. We are an active non-profit and work hard to obtain additional funding through the community, grants and fundraisers. By having a very low fee, we allow pet parents across the economic spectrum to plan for their pets. The additional funding and leftover funds from some pets will be able to cover the expense of others.
  • What if the my pet dies before the Forever Care Plan is implemented?
    If this sad day should arrive you will no longer need to pay the membership. You will still be considered AnimalCity Family and if you adopt a new pet you can renew your membership (as it previously existed or changed) for just a $10 setup fee.
  • Will I receive a refund if my pet dies before implementing the Forever Care Plan?
    We have structured our funding requirements in order to ensure we can provide lifetime care for each pet in our program. If your pet passes away before the plan is implemented, any remaining funds will go towards the care of other animals in the Forever Care Program. Therefore, all fees are nonrefundable.
  • What happens when the Forever Care Plan is activated?
    Depending on the details of your plan, AnimalCity will provide immediate emergency foster care for your pet. Once the pet is safe, AnimalCity will work to contact your pet's godparents or begin the process of finding a new forever home. As we work to make arrangements for the new forever home your pet will be placed with a volunteer foster parent.
  • Do I need to set up a Membership or Forever Care Plan or can I simply include AnimalCity in my Will/Trust?
    You must set up a Membership Agreement with AnimalCity and a Forever Care Plan for every pet for AnimalCity to be able to provide care for your pet. By setting up the membership & plan in advance, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pets are guaranteed care when needed. Including AnimalCity in your will without a Membership Agreement and Forever Care Plan will not guarantee care for your pet.
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