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Pawsome Travels

Spring is here and it seems everyone is itching to travel. Including your pets!

This year, don't leave your furry kids behind. With a little planning, you can have your best friend riding shotgun on your travels.

Vacationing with pets can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also present some challenges. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip for both you and your pet, here a few tips to make your pet vacation wonderful:

  1. Get your pet ready. Before traveling with your pet, make sure their vaccinations are up to date and you have their records with you. Additionally, it’s a good idea to ensure your pet is microchipped and wearing an identification tag with your contact information.

  2. Choose the right transportation. Consider your pet’s personality and size when selecting the best mode of transportation. Smaller pets may be able to travel in the cabin of an airplane, while larger pets might need to travel via cargo. Make sure to research each airline’s pet policies in advance.

  3. Prepare a travel kit. Assemble a travel kit with items such as food and water bowls, snacks, a leash, a toy, and waste bags. Consider packing items that will help your pet feel secure and comfortable, such as a familiar blanket or a favorite toy.

  4. Make sure all of your destinations are pet friendly - or find some that are pet focused. With thousands of pet friendly hotels and hundreds of pet centered adventures, there's sure to be a trip right for you and your pet.

These tips can help make it a great vacation for you and your pet. But if you do have to leave your furry kid at home, try a local pet sitter to keep your pet comfortable at home while you're away. We love our amazing Pet Partner, Wagz 'n Whiskerz in Lake Norman!

And once you're home from your adventures, turn one (or more!) of your dog photos into stickers with Dog Stickers from Sticker Mule! It's a great way to remember the trip and will keep you smiling for days to come.

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