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These guys need you! Are you ready for a new best friend?

Abby & Ziva

Adopt these orphaned sisters!

Meet Abby and Ziva!

Are you looking for a pair of companions who truly understand the meaning of loyalty and togetherness? Look no further! Abby and Ziva, both 11-year-old sisters, are ready to light up your life with their quiet charm and unwavering bond.

Abby and Ziva's journey is a tale of resilience and love. When their first mom passed away, they found a new family with friends who cherished them. Last year, Alzheimer's took their second mom, and recently, they lost their dad. Through all the heartache, they've leaned on each other, strengthening their friendship.

These lovely ladies might be a bit reserved at first, but give them a little time, and you'll witness the transformation from shy to sweet. Abby's unique way of showing affection is through gentle love bites, a testament to her playful nature. Ziva is more restrained, but loves to snuggle on a warm lap.

Abby and Ziva thrive in a calm and loving environment. While they're open to the idea of sharing their space with other furry friends, a home without small children would suit them best. Their gentle nature and preference for tranquility make them ideal companions for those seeking a peaceful household.

If you're ready to open your heart and home to a pair of cats whose loyalty and companionship know no bounds, Abby and Ziva are waiting to make your acquaintance. By adopting them, you're not just welcoming two adorable kitties – you're providing a forever home to twice orphaned sisters in need of a home.

Abby and Ziva's story is one of loss and love. Will you be the one to give them the safe and loving home they deserve? Adopting these sisters means becoming a part of their heartwarming journey. Contact us today to meet Abby and Ziva and experience the joy of double the feline love!

Adoption Fee:

$100 (for both!)

Ready to adopt? Fill out our simple application to get started.

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